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Use the power of your social network to lower the cost of insurance.
VouchForMe can help.
VouchForMe is an online social proof platform for gathering guarantees that cuts your insurance premium costs.

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Social proof


is a psychological phenomenon in which people are influenced in their decisions and actions by mirroring other people or social groups.

VouchForMe explained


How standard insurance works

  • Insurance companies use historical statistical data to evaluate the risk they are insuring.
  • Problem: Statistical data rarely represent the behavior of a real-life individual. Even if you present low risk, the insurance company is unaware of that.

How VouchForMe works

  • Friends and family know you best. They can evaluate the risk much more effective than statistics.
  • With VouchForMe, friends and family let the insurance company know you are a trustworthy and low-risk individual.
It's Easy

It’s easy

Family and friends show their trust with a financial commitment that is triggered only in case of an insurance claim. The group backing is social proof and insurance company rewards you by lower premium.

It's Easy

How much can I save?

The higher the risk and commitment from you and your friends or family, the lower your cost of insurance. In a system based on sharing, the key component is group trust.

It's Easy

Split the check

In case of a claim, the deductible will be split proportionally between members of the group who trusts you and one another. But only up to the set amount they guaranteed for, with no hidden fees or additional risk.

VouchForMe affects everyone

It's Easy


VouchForMe is an online tool where family and friends can show they trust each other. That is why everyone will pay less for insurance. Simple as that.

It's Easy


VouchForMe identifies responsible individuals from those who just don’t care. An effective, reliable and cost-effective segmentation and risk assessment tool.

It's Easy


Social proof is the best example of a self-regulated society. VouchForMe promotes responsible behaviour that is built on trust in groups of friends and family.





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