3 Easy Ways To Improve Fleet Management Efficiency


Managing a fleet business means juggling a lot of different tasks simultaneously, which can surely be hectic for fleet managers. Statistics show that the world is moving towards a more technological approach and the global fleet management systems are expected to reach 26 billion euros by 2022. Hence, it’s about time you upgrade your usual fleet business management system as well.

Luckily, we have good news for all the fleet managers out there who are looking for more advanced fleet management solutions. A solution that helps you keep a better track of actionable data regarding the vehicle status and driver performance. And improves the overall efficiency of your system. – This is Drivestar.

Without further ado, allow us to walk you through three credible ways of upgrading your fleet management efficiency.


1.    Know How Your Drivers Behave

The most important step to ensure efficient fleet management is driver satisfaction and credibility. After all, the drivers are the ones who are running the business at the front – employing competent. And the alert driver is important.

Not all drivers have a calm demeanour; some may have severe road rage which not only affects their attention span and focus but can also lead to dissatisfactory services. Hence, it is essential for you to know how your drivers behave. Juggling with a lot of tasks can make it difficult to track individual drivers efficiently which is why Drivestar is a great option to consider.

Drivestar has a feature that allows you to monitor your employee’s driving habits and work attitudes. Drivestar allows you to keep track of your driver’s performance as it is the best way to pinpoint unsolicited driving patterns and take actions against them. The integrated scorecards feature in the software constructively helps you to record your drivers’ safety scores in terms of driving.

2.    Follow A Preventive Maintenance Plan

It is a wise decision to get frequent vehicle inspections and maintenance done in order to avoid any bigger inconvenience. To make sure your vehicles stay in mint condition and do not wear out beyond a certain extent, you must always have a preventive maintenance plan ready after every few weeks.

Moreover, by training your employees to drive safely and carefully, you can further minimize the chances of any repair work. Drivestar encourages better driving behaviour, meaning significantly less damage is caused to the vehicle. Allowing for fewer repairs needed.

3.    Track Fuel Consumption To Manage Expenses

One of the key expenditures in your business is fuel; hence it is vital to always keep track of your fuel consumption and expense. The smart decision for you to make here is to know how much fuel is being used per vehicle, but it’s even better than having a rough estimate about how much fuel will be spent on a particular trip.

Moreover, tracking your fuel consumption and requirement can also help prevent inconveniences or misunderstandings with the driver. To make sure your fuel is being utilized rightfully within appropriate consumption parameters, so it isn’t becoming a cumulative expense, Drivestar helps you in every way.

The fleet software gives you valuable insights on excessive idling, fuel theft, fuel fraud, along with aggressive driving instances. All factors which pose a threat to your fuel economy. Drivestar understands all your fleeting business concerns and makes sure to keep your fuel costs within limits.


Despite the fact that every fleet management business has its unique requirements, one thing that remains the same for all of them is the need to improve fleet efficiency by all means. But the question that arises here is what can you do today to improve your fleet efficiency?

You can start with a free analysis of your current fleet state. What kind of score would your drivers get? Here’s a quick calculation: https://drivestar.eu/try-for-free

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