5 Challenges fleet managers face at the end of 2020


Europe’s second wave of Covid will bring challenges for many businesses. As people stay at home and revenues drop, companies need to adapt to survive, and fleet managers face unique complications. 

Fleet managers challenges in 2020

The pandemic hasn’t hit all fleet managers equally. As online sales increase, delivery fleets are busier than ever. Whether you’re experiencing higher or lower demand, you’ll need to adapt your operations.

Here are five significant challenges that fleet managers face while operating during the pandemic, and how they can overcome them.

Shifting demand from customers

The pandemic has affected everyone, so chances are your customers will also be trying to decide the best way forward. Look at your existing contracts first. If they’ve had an increase in demand, and require more fleet assistance, see if you can increase your drivers and provide it. If they’re also facing a downturn, see if you can deploy your drivers elsewhere. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a solution that works for all.

Keeping your vehicles maintained

If you need to cut costs, certain non-essential repairs, such as scratches and dents, can wait. The important thing is making sure your vehicles are roadworthy. Keep to the service schedule, and you’ll be less likely to face issues in the future. If your fleet drivers are using their cars less, make sure they know to look out for flat tires and occasionally run the engine to preserve battery life.

Look after your drivers

It’s a difficult time for your drivers, so look after them. If you’ve had a surge in demand, make sure your sanitary and social distancing policies are up to date and being adhered too. Your drivers will see that you care about their wellbeing, and your operations won’t be hit by sick days. If demand has slumped, your drivers will be concerned about their livelihoods, so see if you can partner-up with other companies, that lack drivers and vehicles.

Innovating and investing

When times are tough, innovation can take a back seat, as companies focus on maintaining their cash flow instead. If you want your business to remain competitive, you need to be innovative. Telematics, peer-2-peer insurance, car-sharing technology, and electronic vehicles can help you bring your fleet costs down in the long-term, so even if you can’t focus on it now, always keep innovation in mind.

Moving forward after lockdowns

While Covid has impacted our lives in ways we never expected, it has also shown us our remarkable ability to adapt. At the moment, we don’t know how long we’ll be living with restrictions, and even once the lockdowns that are affecting much of Europe are lifted, they may return if cases rise. If you’ve got some downtime, use it to plan your strategy going forward. By preparing now, you’ll be ready to come out of lockdown fighting fit.

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