A great team starts with us


Meet the team of experts behind VouchForMe.
Coming from a wide set of backgrounds and strengthened
with an ambition to change driving behavior as we know it,
we are a team of 15 ambitious individuals.

No "one size" approach fits all teams.
We know different environments wish for different solutions.
With that in mind, we created VouchForMe – a product
build on the principle of making safer, cheaper, and cleaner driving
while still respecting the company's unique needs.



Our team consists of professionals from the field of cost solutions, technology
and business intelligence. With a spice of passion for what we do, we guarantee
that we will deliver the best possible solution for your business and maintaining
the trust of our customers.

Matt Peterman

Co-founder and Chairman vfm-symbol

Matt has been working in the insurance business and venture capital for over 15 years, investing and helping private equity companies grow. Before starting VouchForMe, he worked as a business development executive at Salviol Ltd., an insurance fraud detection company.

Tom Volk

Co-founder vfm-symbol

Tom is the founder of Adacta Group, a company that develops a proprietary insurance core system widely used by insurance companies in the EU and Russia. Adacta has bootstrapped to €25 million annual revenue and grown a network of 450 professionals in 7 different countries.



Jacob Westerlaken

Chief Executive Officer vfm-symbol

Jacob has an extensive background in traditional insurance and has held several specialist and top managerial positions within the insurance sector. Among others, he was a member of management boards of various insurance companies, such as Adriatic Slovenica, Rosgosstrakh and Fortis Insurance International.

Aleš Tomažin

VP of Business Development vfm-symbol

Aleš brings his strategic focus, management and business expertise to the team, gained through 15 years of diverse experience working in top leading position in insurance sector. He holds a PhD in Actuarial Science and is a well known member of the Blockchain community.

Nikola Ristić

Chief Technology Officer vfm-symbol

As a software architect, entrepreneur, and CTO, Nikola has over a decade of startup experience managing diverse projects and bridging the link between business goals and technology. His deep understanding of the latter is vital for a long-term vision of software products he creates.

Anže Učakar

Chief Financial Officer vfm-symbol

Anže has over 10 years experience on the leading finance positions of various multinational companies, spanning from technology to financial services. Previously he worked for Fidelo Adria and Ilirika.

Matej Cerk

Lead Frontend Developer vfm-symbol

Matej brings 17 years of experience in software development from idea to final products. Matej has a wide variety of experiences from frontend, backend to embedded systems and mathematical models.

Andraž Petrič

UX Designer vfm-symbol

Andraž is a creative problem solver with a solid background in UX Design. He is specialized with extensive experience in bringing novel IT design from the concept to the market.

Joep Beukers

VP of Sales vfm-symbol

Joep brings to VFM an extensive background in developing innovation and managing procedures. He brings knowledge from a wide set of industries.

Edward Hissink

Edward Hissink

Marketing Director vfm-symbol

Edward has more than 10.000 hours of experience in concept development for dozens of major brands like Philips and Unilever.

Adelaida Fras

VP of Marketing vfm-symbol

Adelaida brings expertise from digital marketing and managing effective marketing strategies for different markets. Before joining VouchForMe, she worked for clients from Novartis Sandoz to FCA.

Nika Bitič

Marketing Specialist vfm-symbol

As a marketing coordinator for different start-up companies, Nika gained a wide ray of experiences in creating and managing new marketing approaches. She came to VouchForMe from Hive IT.