Share your insurance deductibles by inviting your friends to vouch for you.

VouchForMe is a tool based on blockchain technology that lets you share your insurance deductibles with friends. If they trust you, your risk factor goes down – simple as that.

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Main features of VouchForMe Beta

Enables sharing of insurance deductible with friends Offload existing of future deductibles with friends and bringing your insurance premiums down.
Insurance carrier independent Offload existing deductibles within the insurance policy you already have with your preferred insurance carrier and share the risk.
Introduces token reward system Harness the power of blockchain technology and reward your guarantors with BVFM test tokens which they can use in the ecosystem for their own future guarantees. In the live version, BVFM tokens will be substituted with IPL tokens.


Evaluate trust

Digitalize your friends’ trust to lower your costs.

Share the risk

You divide the risk of paying the full amount of deductible yourself among friends. But they pay only in the event you claim.

Affect positive behavior change

By being recognized as a safe driver or someone who takes care of their health, you become a role model and influence your friends to try and act the same way themselves.