VouchForMe’s top driver tips


We’ve got something big coming up. On November 24th, we’ll be hosting our next webinar. Jacob Westerlaken, our CEO will showcase how forming teams with VouchForMe can help fleet managers in the Netherlands save big. It’s also our first-ever webinar in Dutch!

Register for the webinar here; you’ll learn:

  • Why creating teams leads to lower costs.
  • How to encourage your drivers to look after your cars.
  • How VouchForMe can improve your safety record. 

During our webinar, we’ll be discussing two of our big passions. Reducing insurance costs and creating safer roads.

So before you join us on November 24th why not check out some of the top tips we’ve put out this year?

VouchForMe’s 10 tips for safer drivers

Safer driving and low-cost insurance go hand in hand. It’s easy to pick up bad habits, especially when you’ve been driving for a long time, and common driving mistakes, such as heavy braking, speeding, and tailgating cause thousands of accidents each year. Find out more in our blog post.

3 things to think about when buying commercial car insurance

If your business is new, you might not be aware of the type of car insurance required. Commercial car insurance isn’t just for large fleets. It’s required by law if you’re using a vehicle for business. So how does it work? What type of cars are covered and how much will it cost? Read our blog post here, and you’ll be up to speed in no time. 

8 ways to lower the cost of fleet insurance

Running a fleet is a high business cost, and too many claims can cause the cost of your insurance to rise sky-high. But did you know that 95% of fleet insurance claims are down to driver error? Enforcing safer driving in your company can make a huge difference. Read our blog post here for some ideas.

5 Challenges fleet managers face at the end of 2020

2020 has been a hugely challenging year for fleet managers. Some have been hit by low revenues as they’ve seen their offices locked down, while delivery fleets have struggled to adapt to rising demand. Check out our views on some of the challenges that fleet managers face as the year ends.

7 Surprising ways to lower car insurance

Would you believe that you can lower the cost of car insurance by changing your job title or parking in a garage? Follow the seven tips in our blog post here, and you may be pleasantly surprised next time you renew your insurance.

Don’t forget to register for our webinar on November 24th.