What must delivery companies focus on? (Not what you think.)

Should the growing demand for “right here, right now” services be the focus of attention for delivery companies? Why do employees matter most?

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The importance of teamwork in fleets

Teamwork is the driving factor behind company success. While drivers often operate alone, they still stand to benefit from teamwork. But how?

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Why you need Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software has been a crucial technological development for fleet managers around the world. Companies have been able to use telematics to track their drivers and vehicles in real-time. This has enabled managers to monitor their drivers’ habits, keep up with vehicle maintenance and reduce costs across the board.

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The most dangerous roads in the world

In the spirit of honouring our beloved drivers, we’ve compiled a list of the most dangerous and terrifying roads in the world.

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What does Covid mean for carbon emissions?

Could a global pandemic be the answer to skyrocketing carbon emissions?

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You should know the CO2 effects on your health!

We at VouchForMe believe it crucial to inform people about the physical implications of CO2 effects.

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👀 #Teamwork in such an individualistic #career? If working towards shared #goals ultimately brings the best results, how else do you imagine the #work structure?

Check out why teamwork is worth considering 👇

89% of investors agree the inclusion of sustainability metrics is important in long-term executive plans. 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues. Examples of companies, linking executive pay to sustainability performance:

Introducing ⭐️⭐️⭐️DRIVESTAR⭐️⭐️⭐️ We transformed our mission of creating safer and cleaner roads into an APP. More here:
🚩 Making regular #drivers drivestars.

🚩 Saving on your unnecessary costs.

🚩 Helping the #environment.

Last Friday looked a bit different at the office! We had a special visit from the Netherlands. 🥳 Joep Beukers and Edward Hissink, thank you for your great company.

👋 Until next time, we are back to our regular @Zoom calls.

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