Short Stories with Lučka Čokl Preis, CMO

Coming from the IT industry, I’ve always been entangled and inline with new technology and disruptive innovation. Until a certain point in time, I had only been able to observe the startup world from an outside perspective, which left me intrigued to discover and learn more about the operations and activities behind it. And as […]

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Friendship effect in online P2P lending

With the enormous growth of the Internet, numerous opportunities have emerged for us to expand our knowledge, find new information, buy and sell our belongings or even expand our possibilities to find work online. Besides everything the internet has in the meantime became a powerful force in accelerating financial innovation of peer-to-peer lending market. We’re […]

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Short stories with Aleš Tomažin

I’ve always been excited about new technologies and innovations, which is why I’ve been closely following the Blockchain technology and its development throughout the years. There was a time in my life when I had to ask myself if I’m willing to change and try something new or just watch it pass me by. And […]

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Sensitivity to reward and punishment in young drivers

Worldwide, young drivers are involved in more road traffic collisions than any other age group. They are also the group of people who are most affected by the influence of their peers, family members and colleagues especially in the first few months after acquiring their driving licence. So how can all of us positively affect […]

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Short Stories With the Management Team; Jacob Westerlaken

I joined the InsurePal just before the ICO and came to the team bearing an extensive background in traditional insurance, which is why I had several question marks floating around my head when Tom and Matt asked me to join the team. Coming from the old fashioned insurance industry there were many reasons why I […]

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Presence of Passengers; The positive impact on drivers

The rise of the internet gave us a place that enables us to stay connected with our peers on daily basis and a place where the power of other people’s judgement over our own is well documented. Behavior that is seen from our peers, serves as a valuable cue to determine which type of behavior […]

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Cargo theft can be a severe loss in both worker productivity and company funds. 🔎

Do you know the saying ‘’Cargo at rest is cargo at risk.’’?

Achieve greater results with your employees with the TEAM approach. 🏆 What's good for your drivers is good for you as well!

The first electric car was invented in 1884 by Thomas Parker. Why all the hype now? Do you wonder if electric cars really are that much better? 🤔👉

What are your thoughts?

Help us shape the future of transport. And make a contribution to saving lives.

We're working on an innovation to do just that. 🦾 We're interested in what your thoughts are.

Here's the link to the survey. It only takes a few minutes. 👇

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