Interview with New User, Edward Crane

Edward Crane is a young student from Norfolk seeking options to bring his car insurance premium down. In this interview Edward explains how simple to use VouchForMe is and how he could get an affordable premium through the platform. His experience has been described in an article by The Sunday Timesas well. Tell us a bit […]

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Lowering Insurance Premiums Through Social Proof

For a long time, young drivers have accepted high insurance premiums as part of driving. We’re here to change that. With VouchForMe Unlimited, you can lower the price of your insurance premium by harnessing the power of trust through your friends and family. Small premiums, small risk Most insurance companies will offer lower premiums if […]

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Short stories: Interview with Matt Peterman, co-founder of VouchForMe

This short story is a bit different from the rest of the series — with a reason. This time we have put our co-founder Matt Peterman into the spotlight and asked him a few questions regarding company evolution and product strategy. 1.Hi, Matt, it seems the past few months have been very busy despite the […]

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How peer-to-peer concept is changing our lives into collaborative lifestyles

“Technology changes society by changing our environment to which we, in turn, adapt.“ William Fielding Ogburn In the mid-90s, the internet introduced exciting and previously unheralded levels of communication and created a stronger alliance among individuals. It has enabled peers, not only to connect but to collaborate and forge online communities on numerous platforms. Among […]

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Short Stories with Lučka Čokl Preis, CMO

Coming from the IT industry, I’ve always been entangled and inline with new technology and disruptive innovation. Until a certain point in time, I had only been able to observe the startup world from an outside perspective, which left me intrigued to discover and learn more about the operations and activities behind it. And as […]

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Friendship effect in online P2P lending

With the enormous growth of the Internet, numerous opportunities have emerged for us to expand our knowledge, find new information, buy and sell our belongings or even expand our possibilities to find work online. Besides everything the internet has in the meantime became a powerful force in accelerating financial innovation of peer-to-peer lending market. We’re […]

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👀 #Teamwork in such an individualistic #career? If working towards shared #goals ultimately brings the best results, how else do you imagine the #work structure?

Check out why teamwork is worth considering 👇

89% of investors agree the inclusion of sustainability metrics is important in long-term executive plans. 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues. Examples of companies, linking executive pay to sustainability performance:

Introducing ⭐️⭐️⭐️DRIVESTAR⭐️⭐️⭐️ We transformed our mission of creating safer and cleaner roads into an APP. More here:
🚩 Making regular #drivers drivestars.

🚩 Saving on your unnecessary costs.

🚩 Helping the #environment.

Last Friday looked a bit different at the office! We had a special visit from the Netherlands. 🥳 Joep Beukers and Edward Hissink, thank you for your great company.

👋 Until next time, we are back to our regular @Zoom calls.

#officedrinks #officelife #team #fridayfun

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