How Social Proof influences your behavior

Even if you’ve never heard of social proof, it influences your actions and behavior every day. Guiding you in decisions such as; the shows you enjoy, the way you interact with media, and the products you buy. It can also improve the way you drive.

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Freelancing on the rise

Freelancing is on the rise, but insurance offers little to freelancers, as premiums are sky-high. Is our Income protection right answer for them? Click here and find out more.

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Interview with VouchForMe CEO, Jacob Westerlaken - Part 2

Following our interview two weeks ago, where Jacob discussed VouchForMe’s goals and target markets. We sat down with Jacob once more…

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VouchForMe, A Profitable Partner for Car Insurance

Insurance executives, partnering with VouchForMe can reduce the frequency of claims. Click to find out more.

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Interview with VouchForMe CEO, Jacob Westerlaken – Part 1

Jacob Westerlaken is an insurance veteran, with twenty years in the industry. He talks about his goals for VouchForMe this year, and gives his thoughts on emerging trends in insurance.

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Insurance Trends to Look Out for in 2020

A new decade has arrived, and at VouchForMe, we’re excited about the future. Expectations are that 2020 will bring significant changes to the insurance industry.

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We successfully finished our first Webinar: What's left for insurance companies in the age of the emerging P2P economy?

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The coronavirus has shown us why flexibility and adaptability are crucial for the insurance industry. Read our latest blog post here.👇👇

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