In last three years, VouchForMe has walked a long road from a great idea to a most serious business. Since we are aware insurance is one of the most regulated industries, we want to ensure optimum conditions for achieving our goals in the set time. Our team is 100% passionate and absolutely committed to delivering our promise to you.


Social proof and first round of funding

Insurance industry is full of irregularities. Founders identify the science of social proof as a solution and invest close to $500.000 to develop the social proof model and web app demo.Calibrated mathematical algorithms confirm the model brings from 30% and up to 70% cost reduction.


US & worldwide patent

Social proof insurance patent protection is filed in US and worldwide. Founders pitch the idea in Silicon Valley but refuse several million offer to be able to develop InsurePal on their own terms. The methodology, viability assessment and a legal review of the project are developed. Blockchain is identified as the missing piece. Several meetings with crypto think-tanks occur. InsurePal core team is assembled.


Core team & ICO preparation

InsurePal expands the team with several blockchain and IT experts. The architectural design of the InsurePal platform and its functionalities begins. Parallelly, the extensive preparations for ICO go about.


Platform launch & blockchain features integration

The development of InsurePal platform core begins. First social proof modules are ready to be used. PR & Marketing campaign launches. InsurePal changes its name to VouchForMe to expand the idea of social proof being suitable and compatible with other industries besides insurance.

2019 and on

Global expansion & B2B partnerships growth

Additional functionalities are implemented. Partnerships with interested third-parties are further promoted. Implementation of claims community handling model begins. All VouchForMe activities are promoted on a global scale. VouchForMe platform to become a “go-to” global social proof insurance.