The most dangerous roads in the world


Professional drivers are the unsung heroes of the working world. They spend a countless amount of time on the road and brave all sorts of weather conditions, traffic, and of course, dangerous roads. Without them, our businesses would cease to function.

Dangerous Roads

In the spirit of honouring our beloved drivers, we’ve compiled a list of the most dangerous and terrifying roads in the world. Check them out! 

1. ‘Death Road’

Location: North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Length: 50 miles

Officially named North Yungas Road, this treacherous stretch of tarmac should deter drivers by its name alone. This death trap offers a variety of dangers for ill-informed travellers to discover. Between thick, dense fog, regular landslides and a ridiculously thin width, death road took on average 300 lives per year. That was until, in recent years, when the road was resurfaced and widened, and an extra lane added for safety. 

Oh, and did we mention the 2,000ft drop?

2. ‘Skipper’s Canyon Road’

Location: New Zealand

Length: 16.5 miles

Don’t be fooled by the beautifully carved landscape you see before you. Skipper’s Canyon was hacked and blasted through by gold miners for nearly 22 years, leaving behind a narrow, death-defying road. The steep cliff extends over the terrifying powerful Shotover River hundreds of meters below. Insurance companies won’t even cover drivers if they traverse this hazardous road—take the hint!

What many don’t know, however, is that the site was a filming location for both Lord of the Rings and Mission Impossible 6!

3. ‘Fairy Meadows Road’

Location: Pakistan

Length: 10 miles

Scoring a 9/10 ‘fear factor’, even pictures of this road are enough to chill the spine. Also known as the ‘Nanga Parbat Pass’, this beast ascends nearly 8,000ft in just 10 miles. For such a short stretch, traversing this path is absolutely gut-wrenching. The short distance versus the steep climb results in a nail-biting 6600ft drop. With no guard rails and zero road maintenance, careless drivers have been observed veering off track to their doom.  

Those who do make it, however, are greeted with a beautiful, picturesque view of Nanga Parbat. A fair reward, we think, for navigating one of the most dangerous roads on the planet.

4. ‘Bayburt D915 Road’

Location: Turkey

Length: 66 miles

Dubbed the most challenging drive in the world, this road is not for the faint-hearted (or any sane person). Positioned at a frightening 7,644ft above sea level, this bad boy has no guard rails. Featuring approximately 30 hairpin turns, navigation of this road is as difficult as it is foolish. Those who have braved the danger in spite of their own safety reported attempting hair-raising manoeuvres just to take one sharp turn. It is not uncommon for thick fog to form around the mountain. Occasionally, rocks have tumbled down on top of unsuspecting thrill-seekers.  

5. ‘Zoji La Pass’

Location: Himalayas, India

Length: 16.5 miles

Located in the Himalayas, and perched at an elevation of 11,500ft, Zoji La Pass is truly one of the most dangerous roads in the world. No guard rails twinned with violent bursts of wind will have your hands shaking and your car crying. Furthermore, the entire area experiences mudslides, flooding and character-building snowfall in the winter. Have fun trying to keep your wheels straight! And if you do let them slip, you’ll be rewarded with a steep fall to the harrowing abyss below. Perfect for a Sunday drive!

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