Why you need Fleet Management Software


Fleet management software has been a crucial technological development for fleet managers around the world. Companies have been able to use telematics to track their drivers and vehicles in real-time. This has enabled managers to monitor their drivers’ habits, keep up with vehicle maintenance and reduce costs across the board.


Why most companies use fleet management solutions

Managing a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. Fleet managers are burdened with maintaining vehicle health, driver safety, keeping costs down and, of course, satisfying their customers.

It’s no wonder that managers seek out technology to assist them with fleet tracking. Let’s take a look at some of the pain points that fleet management software addresses. 

Driver safety

It is critical that driver safety is the top priority for all fleet managers. A recent case study revealed that speeding was at the core of 30% of fatal road accidents

Fleet management software provides real-time feedback during instances such as speeding and hard turning. Fleet managers can use this information to communicate with their drivers and encourage safer driving practices. 

Vehicle tracking and maintenance

Investing in fleet management solutions can help fleet managers track vehicles and monitor issues.

Distance travelled and fuel consumption (more on this later) are two key indicators of fleet efficiency, and fleet managers can adjust routes and vehicle deployment accordingly.

Additionally, managers can use software to track breakdowns and vehicle repairs. They can then pick up on any recurring patterns and put breakdown prevention measures in place.

Service efficiency and functionality

There’s nothing worse than leaving a customer stranded and confused. Fleet management systems streamline the communication process with your clients and fuels customer satisfaction.  

The right software allows customers to seamlessly book and schedule appointments and deliveries. Drivers can also provide an ETA to a client and notify them of breakdowns and traffic delays. With an open line of communication, you make it easier for your customers to reach out for support, for example, if there is a problem with a shipment or service provided.

Fuel consumption

A fuel management function is extremely valuable when seeking out fleet management software. 

Fuel expenditure and usage is a nightmare to track, as fluctuating pricing impacts a company’s fuel costs. 

Telematic software allows fleet managers to track poor practices such as engine idling. Of course, in some cases engine idling is unavoidable. However, managers can identify unnecessary idling through in-depth fuel consumption analysis and raise the issues with their drivers. 

This presents an opportunity to teach their fleet drivers how to minimise fuel wastage, lending to huge long term savings.

The problems with fleet management software solutions

While tracking software is crucial to maintaining a healthy fleet, it can often backfire in the form of employee dissatisfaction.

Driver retention is poor as it is without the added pressure of tracking software. 

At the end of the day, your staff are real people transporting goods and services to customers. Tracking software can potentially dehumanise your drivers, and make them feel like a number in a system.

Furthermore, drivers are liable to feeling ‘monitored’, for example, having their driving habits tracked and analysed. Trust between management and staff is very important for morale. Issues can arise when drivers feel like managers don’t trust them to do their job correctly and efficiently.

The solution fleet managers have been waiting for

We are excited to introduce our new app, Drivestar!

Drivestar is our innovative solution to fleet tracking pain points. We believe that, in order to make long-lasting, positive changes to your fleet operations, you should focus on your drivers. 

Our app uses telematics to understand your drivers individually and help them to improve their driving habits. 

Our Drivescore system will encourage safer and cleaner driving for drivers who take pride in what they do. An open line of communication and financial bonuses at the end of the year will reward your drivers for their hard work. And, they’ll be more likely to stay!

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