Fleet managers want to provide an excellent mobility service to their colleagues in balance with their company’s business objectives. What they really can’t stand is when people don't handle 'their' cars with care. The problem is that people don’t always treat a company car as if it was their own car.

VouchForMe knows
teams drive safer


However, fleet managers do not want to be control freaks that keep adding new rules and regulations. After all, providing independent mobility is more about freedom than about control. VouchForMe has a solution for fleet managers that want to encourage safer driving effectively, resulting in lower costs, less damage to their cars, and safer roads for society.

Teams motivate


The core of the service VouchForMe offers is forming teams. People in a team feel more involved and therefore behave more responsibly. Team members approach each other more easily about undesirable behavior, a team goal motivates better than other goals, and by comparing team performance, driving safely becomes a competition.

Teams reward


Fleet managers build teams of 25-50 drivers to share the deductible and stimulate responsible behaviour. The VouchForMe app shows drivers their team, how much bonus they will get by driving damage-free, and the team-deductible the bonus is based on.

The result: Teams drive safer with VouchForMe.

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Team app

VouchForMe App

The VouchForMe app shows drivers their team, how much reward they will get by driving damage-free, and the different factors their reward is based on.

Teams Approach is a perfect fit for fleet managers, taxi operators, delivery drivers, couriers, or simply any individual who is already a safe and responsible driver and wants to prove this to the company.

  1. Team forming
    We define teams together with the client based on needs and project characteristics. Team members get access to the app where they can track the status of their team.
  2. Motivating
    Team members see the reward they will receive if driving damage-free. Team members track changes in the team and encourage each other to drive safely in order to diminish the chances to bring the reward down.
  3. Rewarding
    The end reward is the bonus that varies based on the claims data received from the company. Higher their score is, the higher the bonus.

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