For Insurance Companies


VouchForMe is an attractive alternative to existing underwriting methods. The concept of social proof works as a risk assessment tool in which individuals express their trust in the behavior of a friend and offer a financial guarantee to back it up.

Redefining insurance


Fit VouchForMe in your insurance portfolio


VouchForMe is a standalone solution that requires no additional integration with existing IT systems. The workflow is simple:

The insurance company selects new or existing products that will include VouchForMe.

Insurance rates are determined along with discounts for VouchForMe users.

VouchForMe is offered to clients. The insurance company benefits from an additional underwriting tool for better customer segmentation and a lower loss ratio.


Smart(er) contracts

VouchForMe becomes an integral part of the insurance company’s workflow with seamless and efficient operation. VouchForMe can also operate on blockchain for additional transparency and traceability with guarantees and insurance claim information stored on a distributed ledger. Also, all financial transactions can be processed and paid for with IPL token.


Why blockchain?

Distributed ledger technology enables immutable data and traceability, even in case of IT failure. Data that is stored on the blockchain is permanent, secure, transparent, and signed by the user.

What’s next?


Get in touch with us. Together, we will find a tailored solution that will best suit your product portfolio and help you achieve your business objectives.