Webinar recap – How can fleet managers save money and stimulate safer driving


There are all kinds of innovations being developed for fleet managers, all promising fantastic results. However, these all disrupt the current way of working. And the world is being disrupted enough, currently. In our latest webinar, we tackled exactly this challenge by presenting the VouchForMe Teams app. Our innovation for fleet managers is NOT disruptive. It is extremely simple to implement, to use, and to understand. At the same time, it is a very powerful way to make a worthwhile difference.

Since the webinar was in Dutch here is a recap for all our English-speaking audience. Enjoy the reading!

Being a fleet manager is tough

Being a fleet manager, mobility is an important part of your business. It’s your responsibility to keep it going like a well-tuned engine, while simultaneously keeping costs down and encouraging safe and responsible driving. 

Now there is a service available that offers both. It lowers costs and encourages safer driving with a unique mechanism all fleet managers with more than 100 drivers easily have at their disposal already: teams.

Why are teams a solution?

95,5% of all accidents are caused by people. That’s more than 19 times out of 20.

So if you want less damage, you have to focus on people. You have to influence their behavior in such a way that they drive more safely. You want them to be more careful. You don’t want them to act like children, and not like an old grandpa, but like an adult who knows his responsibilities. And shows ownership.

I’m sure you all have colleagues who don’t treat company cars the same as their own. The company car is a commodity. Something to use. And rightly so, because that’s what they are for. Then it is easy to forget that such a car also has value. We remind people of that. In a language that everyone speaks.

Dividing people into teams has a lot of influence on behavior. That has been scientifically proven, but it is also common sense. Once in a team, you feel more involved, it creates a connection. And such a connection is often hard to find in young couriers. Once in a team, you help each other. The coach or captain of a team gets more done than a boss, even though the same is said.

It’s also the first thing we do at VouchForMe. Organize drivers in a team. They receive an email that they have been “selected”. That immediately gives a good feeling.


Let’s take an example that will best illustrate how VouchForMe can help a delivery company:

Suppose a company has 100 vans. Per van, € 1000 is spent annually on damage repairs. That costs € 100,000 per year.

200 drivers work at this company. These are divided into teams of 5 teams of 40. Each team receives a Team Pool of € 20,000. That is the amount spent annually on body repair divided by the number of teams.

If damage is taken, it will be deducted from the Team Pool. The common goal is to keep the Team Pool as high as possible. Because at the end of the year, 50% of the Team Pool is paid to the drivers. If no damage is done, that’s € 10,000 per team or € 250 per driver.

The result: a potential saving of € 50,000 and 200 drivers who are well motivated not to cause any damage. In addition, the drivers feel more involved with each other and more responsible for the cars.

If you would like to try out VouchForMe Teams app, give us a call, drop an email, or ping us on LinkedIn.