How Social Proof influences your behavior


Even if you’ve never heard of social proof, it influences your actions and behavior every day. Guiding you in decisions such as; the shows you enjoy, the way you interact with media, and the products you buy. It can also improve the way you drive. VouchForMe works because it harnesses the power of social proof, but what exactly does that mean?

What is social proof anyway?

As defined initially by Professor of Psychology Robert Cialdini:

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people are influenced in their decisions and actions by mirroring other people or social groups.

So if you’ve ever bought a product or watched a show on the recommendation of a friend, that’s social proof in action.

Social proof is a concept that’s as old as advertising itself, as shown in the advert below from the 1930’s. Lux uses the recommendation from Hollywood star Jean Harlow to show the benefit of their product. An early example of influencer marketing!

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With the continually changing world of e-commerce, it’s never been easier to set up a shop and start advertising. But how do new potential customers know that your product is better than your competitors? Well, you need to harness the power of your current customers! Reviews and testimonials are powerful things. While traditional advertising platforms are declining, 84% of people trust online reviews. Who better to tell you about a product than a previous customer?

Social Proof, VouchForMe, and Good Driving Behavior

There’s far more to social proof than just the products we buy; social proof also encourages you to behave better in certain situations, including on the road.

If your social circle is comprised of responsible and safer drivers, which for young people includes your parents, you’re likely to pick up their good habits. Since young drivers’ have the highest premiums, we’ve developed VouchForMe to allow young drivers to leverage their social network to access lower premiums, reflected in our motto.

“If your friends trust you, we trust you.”

Through vouching, friends and family show that they trust a driver to behave sensibly on the road, through social proof, VouchForMe recognizes and rewards responsible young drivers, and encourages safer road use, by creating a psychological bond of trust between drivers and their guarantors. Ultimately, this allows young drivers to access lower premiums, while insurance companies recognize low-risk, profitable prospects. As a final example of social proof, check out our testimonials.

“VouchForMe gave me the chance to spread that risk to get a discount by involving people who know me as a safe driver.” — Edward UK.

“As a young male driver, I tend to have much higher premiums, so being able to get them down is a great thing.” — Sufyan UK

VouchForMe on stage!

Did you know that the UK has some of the highest insurance premiums in Europe? We’re coming to London to show how VouchForMe can integrate with your insurance to attract responsible drivers. We’ll be present at Insurance Innovators 10th — 11th March and Insurtech Insights 17th — 18th March. See you there!