Individual drivers


The concept is clever: you gather a team of family or friends who vouch for your driving actions with a financial guarantee. The guarantee is only triggered in case of a claim. By sharing the risk, you can get a lower premium.

Lower your maintenance costs with your own team


Too often we are left with a feeling that our car maintenance costs are too high, even if our driving is safe and we are punished for the mistakes of other drivers. VouchForMe makes things easier and fairer. The platform offers a better deal that relies on the support of our friends and family who vouch for our driving prowess instead of statistics and black boxes.

Do you already have a high deductible and you wish to share it with your team who trusts you are a diligent driver? You can lower the risk you are exposed to immediately through VouchForMe App.


Get personal


Normally, statistics are used to assess risk, an approach that might be unfair to less risky clients in traditionally risky segments. VouchForMe adopts the trust and support of your friends and family in your behavior and translates it into the personalized result that is tailored to each individual. If your team trusts you, we trust you.

What if …


Life is unpredictable, and accidents can happen. If you are responsible for a mishap, the claim will be partially covered by your team. But only up to the amount they have committed for

Vouching is not paying


No payment is needed when vouching for a friend or family member.
The amount is registered in the VouchForMe system and is only due in case of a claim. If no claim is filed, nobody pays. What is left is a lower cost of car maintenance.

The VouchForMe App key features

  • One-minute registration
  • Effortlessly inviting friends and managing the guarantees
  • Facilitation of payment processing
  • Full transparency over the entire process

Towards a better society


VouchForMe lowers car maintenance costs for responsible drivers and at the same time works towards a society that is based on awareness, responsibility, and sharing of positive values. A win-win situation for all!