Is Santa’s sleigh insured?


With Christmas just around the corner, Santa will be getting ready for his annual trip around the world. But with such unusual and unique requirements, what does the jolly red man do for insurance each year? So today we’re on a mission to find out. Is Santa’s sleigh insured?

The Driver

Age is one of the most significant factors that insurance companies use when working out their premiums. Due to his advanced years, Santa is a high-risk client. While he’s got many years’ of driving experience behind him, older drivers generally have slow reaction times and poorer eyesight. Saint Nick is over 1700 years old, and some insurers start to put their prices up after drivers reach 70.

The Sleigh

As a working vehicle, Santa’s sleigh will need commercial vehicle insurance. Hopefully, his sleigh is not as old as he is, as an older vehicle will be prone to breakdowns and cost more to insure. With thousands of valuable toys inside, there’s a high risk of theft too, but as Santa regularly leaves his sleigh unlocked and unattended as he pops down each chimney, he’d be fortunate to get a payout.  

The Journey

When we look at Santa’s journey, the word reckless doesn’t even begin to cover it. With around 200 million children to visit in a night, Santa travels at over 5,000,000 miles an hour. Luckily, he doesn’t have a black box! It’s not just the speed either; everything about Santa’s journey would make an insurance executive sweat. He drives all night without a single break. Nevermind the nightmare of organizing appropriate insurance for 196 different countries and territories.

So is Santa’s sleigh insured…?

The short answer is no! There’s no way that any insurance company would consider covering Santa. The risks are far too high. Yet, every year Santa takes his journey around the world, delivering presents without incident. 

Santa after just realising he’s been driving without insurance for hundreds of years.

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