Blockchain In Insurance Use Case #2: VouchForMe

VouchForMe is featured in a the Disruptor Daily’s Blockchain in Insurance series. Damir Kervina, Chief Product Officer and COO speaks about how our company is using blockchain to transform the insurance business.

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Podcast: Interview with Vinay Gupta from Mattereum

Venture Stories by Village Global hosts the interview with Vinay Gupta on crypto, world government, existential risks, science fiction, energy, and much more featuring VouchForMe.

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VouchForMe partners with Swissdacs

VouchForMe announced a partnership agreement with Swissdacs Group for the introduction of the VouchForMe blockchain based platform in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

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The 100+ Projects Pioneering Decentralized Finance

VouchForMe is featured on the list of 100 projects that are pioneering the area of decentralized finance.

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Research confirms: UK millennials embrace the concept of vouching and social proof

VouchForMe is making progress towards the UK market this year following successful qualitative market research.

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Blockchain Disruption in the Insurance Sector

The article from Ignite Digital explores the unique potential for blockchain disruption in Insurance.

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Only 2 more days to @MTJPeterman presentation on how to use #socialproof as an alternative segmentation and underwriting model. Get inspired at @Blockchain_RWA for Europe!

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German consumers trust family and relatives when deciding for insurance, says study by @VersicherungVFL and @majorel_global Therefore we decided to launch German website of to enable family members to vouch for each other to reduce price for insurance.

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