VouchForMe has released a closed beta test version for desktop web browsers. The first beta version supports offloading/sharing of the motor and health insurance deductibles on existing insurance policies with friends and family. Guarantees and rewards payment transactions are supported with test tokens BVFM. In the official launch, transactions will be made available in fiat currencies and IPL tokens.

Sign up now for closed beta testing here!

For the initial test period of the next two weeks (starting Nov 1, 2018), we have secured 100 beta tester slots. Signed up users will be admitted to the platform in up to 48 hours after submitting their email and crypto wallet address. Each user will be transferred a fixed amount of 25.000 BVFM test tokens to use for transactions on the platform.

Registered beta testers will be able to invite friends to vouch for them for the existing insurance policies, vouch for friends in return, and carry out transactions in BVFM test tokens.

Matt Peterman, founder of VouchForMe: “For the past few months, the VouchForMe team has been working hard to build our social proof platform based on blockchain technology. We have played out numerous scenarios, customer journeys, scrutinized legal aspects, went back and forth designing smart contracts — and now we feel the product is ready for a thorough test.

We are looking for honest and straightforward feedback from knowledgeable people in order to improve our product. We want the final release to be user-friendly, clear and really stand up to the main goal: offer insurance clients a go-to product for lowering insurance premiums using the power of social proof.”