Lowering Insurance Premiums Through Social Proof


For a long time, young drivers have accepted high insurance premiums as part of driving. We’re here to change that. With VouchForMe Unlimited, you can lower the price of your insurance premium by harnessing the power of trust through your friends and family.

Small premiums, small risk

Most insurance companies will offer lower premiums if a driver agrees to a high deductible. Understandably, most young drivers aren’t keen on taking a high deductible, as they could end up with huge bills in the event of a claim. Instead, drivers opt for higher premiums, paying more for their insurance than necessary.

With VouchForMe careful drivers can take the discounted premiums without the pressure of a high deductible hanging over them. If your friends and family trust you, so do we! Ask your friends and family to vouch for you as a careful driver, and you’ll offload a part of your deductible to them. Allowing you to take the lower premium, without needing to pay more in the event of a claim. Your Gaurentours can cover a small part of the deductible or even the entire amount, and you can ask multiple people to vouch for you. So if you’ve got a reputation as a careful driver, VouchForMe is the perfect tool to help you get your premiums down.

Safer roads through social proof

Last week, we met Peter, a careful driver who got 30% off the cost of his premium while halving his deductible, after getting his friends and family to vouch for him. Read his story here.

Peter’s been driving for a while now, and he appreciates his friends and family for sharing his risk as without their trust, he wouldn’t have got his discount. His friends trusted him and, he wants to maintain that trust. So he continues to act safely on the roads; he doesn’t start speeding or picking up his phone. His friends’ expectations encourage him to be better than that. A claim free year later, he’s looking to renew his insurance. All his friends and colleagues know he’s a trustworthy driver, and more people are willing to vouch for him this time. He returns the favor and agrees to vouch for some of them too. Encouraging them to think about their driving. As a result, Peter’s premiums are lower, and the roads are safer.

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