31 July 2018 Liechtenstein, Slovenia – As from July forward, InsurePal project will change its name to Vouchforme. We will be using our new name in all of our publications, social media accounts, website etc. This move comes on the back of the realization that our Social Proof concept cannot and should not be limited only to insurtech. For that reason and in conjunction with the launch of our new website we have decided to set the framework for solid growth. This will have no effect on you as a user and holder of our token, but it does set the company in a better and more efficient position.

After all this time, there were many circumstances where we have been mistaken for an insurance company, thinking we’re selling insurance policies or acting as a mediator between insurance companies. However, our brand represents a Blockchain based platform with an implemented social proof model, which can be used in various ways and through divergent industries.

Our intention was never to limit the brand to stay inside the box of an insurance industry and we want to expand the social proof model to be suitable for other industries as well where insurance vertical will be just one of them. To do this, we were in need of a name that best reflects what we’re all about, what is our mission and overall long-term vision. Which is why we have come to conclusion to officially change our name to something that better reflects our company values and shows off the importance of social proof.

By rebranding to the name Vouchforme, it lets us focus on what we have intended from the start: building a great social proof platform suitable for numerous industries, previously also known as InsurePal.

This change of name should bring additional exposure of our business to other industries and should expand ways of usage of our token.

We thank everyone for helping us through this transition and we promise to make the best of it.