Insurance Innovators brings together the prime movers of the insurance industry to share innovative ideas and insight. Their series of events and digital content, including conferences, live tv panel discussions, reports, and roundtables,  provide the thought leadership, shared experiences and networking required to keep the wheels of insurance innovation in motion.

Matt Peterman, the co-founder of VouchForMe, will be presenting on Pre-event InsureTech Evening on the 10th of March.

Insurtech Insights is a global ecosystem aiming to connect industry leaders and decision-makers with innovative startups who are challenging the insurance market, in order to create mutual business opportunities and accelerate growth.

Matt will present at Europe’s largest insurtech Conference on the 17th and 18th of March in London. With some of the biggest P2P insurers, he’ll discuss how P2P will disrupt the existing personal lines insurance market and the challenges they face as well as present VouchForMe as a solution for lowering your insurance costs.

VouchForMe is looking forward to new partnerships across the globe in order to make insurance more affordable and life easier.

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