Short Stories with Lučka Čokl Preis, CMO


Coming from the IT industry, I’ve always been entangled and inline with new technology and disruptive innovation. Until a certain point in time, I had only been able to observe the startup world from an outside perspective, which left me intrigued to discover and learn more about the operations and activities behind it. And as the saying goes: “You never know if you don’t try”, I didn’t hesitate for a moment when I got an opportunity to hop on the first internal startup project within the company I worked for back then and slowly uncovered all of its important layers. The incredible energy, creativity and productive mindset of the startup world fascinated me so much that I knew I was there to stay.

So you can probably imagine how exciting it was for me when I discovered VouchForMe — an outstanding tech startup, with an idea that could drastically change the future of online peer-to-peer relations.

It was all what I was looking for and now, I’m all here — all in!

Being part of this team, makes me feel as we’re working towards something bigger. With the interconnectedness of this project with the Blockchain technology, we’re exploring completely new and untouched areas of the startup scene. Not being able to predict how the crypto world will change the next day or even the next minute is exactly what’s exciting and at the same time the most challenging part about our project, as we have to adapt quickly and act instantly.

I feel great being able to influence the progress of our project and create something entirely new. My main focus right now is to understand our key markets and target groups as well as prepare a marketing strategy that will keep presenting this project in the most effective and appropriate way. Our short term marketing strategy is already in its final polishing and filtering stages as we need to make (double) sure it will meet the standards and expectations of the community.

Currently the whole VouchForMe team is working towards bringing this amazing product to life and onboard first clients to the platform. While in a long run we plan to roll out a few other products and bring the social-proof term to every individual’s vocabulary.

Even though it’s been a busy summer for us, we can expect an even more bustling autumn as the launch of our platform is approaching with the speed of light.