How can you make your drivers drive safer?


If your business relies on drivers, fleet insurance is a great way to cut your premium cost and streamline your insurance. But fleet insurance carries high risks. Some drivers, who would never drive so recklessly with their own car, treat leased cars like toys. One careless driver can land your company with hefty renewal costs. So how can fleet managers encourage their drivers to drive safely without micromanagement?

VouchForMe’s team-insurance can save you up to 35% on your car insurance bill.

How it works

Ideal for fleet operators, delivery drivers, or taxi operators, VouchForMe’s team-insurance allows drivers to form teams. 

The team members vouch for each other as responsible drivers, creating a TeamPool. Any claims made by the team are paid out from this deductible pot.

At the end of the year, each teammate gets a bonus from the pool. If there are no accidents, the reward is bigger. The cash reward acts as a huge motivation, encouraging sensible drivers.

Teams Motivate

A good team works together, motivating coaching and assisting each other. By putting drivers into teams, VouchForMe encourages drivers to work towards a common goal. In this case, the yearly cash payout and cheaper insurance. This goal motivates team members to ensure they are doing their part, and therefore drive responsibly. Teammates encourage others to drive responsibly. Performance can be compared through the VouchForMe app, encouraging competition amongst teammates. 

Teams reward

Through the VouchForMe app, each team member can see the potential bonus they’ll get at the end of the year. If team members regularly claim, the bonus goes down, but the reward increases with safer driving. The VouchForMe app is the perfect motivator!

Who is it for?

With VouchForMe, anybody can create a team. Those who benefit from our product include.

Fleet Managers

Some professions need a company car, but it’s hard to know if your drivers treat your vehicles with proper care. Obsessively adding rules and regulations penalizes your responsible drivers too, which can build up resentment. With VouchForMe Team insurance, drivers encourage each other to treat fleet cars with respect.

Leasing Companies

Drivers who own cars have a different mindset to drivers who lease them. Lease car drivers know exactly when they’ll be handing their vehicles back, and even the most responsible individuals are likely to get a bit relaxed about hitting the odd speedbump or overaccelerating. With team-insurance, VouchForMe encourages drivers to drive their lease cars as they would their own.

Taxi Operators

Professional drivers might be some of the best drivers globally, but they often have the highest insurance thanks to their self-employment status, high mileage, and the hours that they drive. By forming a team, a group of taxi drivers can access discounts usually reserved for bigger companies, and through the app, encourage each other to save even more.

Interested? Check out more about the team-insurance approach and see how your team can start saving with VouchForMe now!