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Free webinar recap: What we learned in 2020

It has been a year the world will not forget. At VouchForMe we gathered a Free webinar recap of all the last year’s webinars you might have missed! We explained what ‘s to come for fleet managers, how the P2P economy is shaping our Insurance sector, and more!

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The best pools in the world

2020 hasn’t been the year that we expected. As we’ve all needed to stay indoors, overseas travel has very much taken a backseat. Maybe we miss traveling right now, but this got us wondering, where are the best pools in the world? The four we found are quite spectacular.

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VouchForMe’s top 5 Christmas songs

It’s a busy time of year on the roads. Everyone’s eager to get home, but don’t speed or get frustrated with traffic. Take it easy, put on the radio, and tune in to some of the best driving songs this Christmas.

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Is Santa’s sleigh insured?

With Christmas just around the corner, Santa will be getting ready for his annual trip around the world. But with such unusual and unique requirements, what does the jolly red man do for insurance each year?

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Great examples of teamwork, from ancient Rome to the natural world.

Teamwork is a way of life at VouchForMe. Throughout history and even in the natural world, teams work together to motivate and support each other.

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Fleet Management beyond 2020 – Will there be consequences?

Covid-19 has forced many companies and industries to change the way that they use their fleets.

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Cargo theft can be a severe loss in both worker productivity and company funds. 🔎

Do you know the saying ‘’Cargo at rest is cargo at risk.’’?

Achieve greater results with your employees with the TEAM approach. 🏆 What's good for your drivers is good for you as well!

The first electric car was invented in 1884 by Thomas Parker. Why all the hype now? Do you wonder if electric cars really are that much better? 🤔👉

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