New car insurance product featuring VouchForMe launched

VouchForMe and Euroins Romania are pleased to announce the launch of a new and unique type of car insurance: facultative motor insurance with a deductible guaranteed by the clients’ social network.

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VouchForMe announces a partnership with an insurance company

VouchForMe announced the partnership with the insurance carrier Euroins Romania. The insurer will implement the VouchForMe concept in their motor casco product.

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VouchForMe partners with Swissdacs

VouchForMe announced a partnership agreement with Swissdacs Group for the introduction of the VouchForMe blockchain based platform in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

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Research confirms: UK millennials embrace the concept of vouching and social proof

VouchForMe is making progress towards the UK market this year following successful qualitative market research.

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Join Closed Beta Testing of VouchForMe Product

Apply now for a place in the exclusive group of VouchForMe beta testers.

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More than a name change

As from July forward, InsurePal project will change its name to Vouchforme.

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It’s a tough world for business right now. And we are here to make it easier with our Teams app! 👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽👬
Simple to understand, implement, and use & saving money and stimulating safer driving. 🚀

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We asked 100 Dutchmen who drive company cars if they enjoy being part of a team. 90 said they YES.

How to use this to your advantage? Join us on Nov 24 at 10:00, at a free webinar in Dutch.
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Teammates vouch for each other for a certain amount and form a TeamPool. Teammates' claims are paid from TeamPool.🤝

A percentage of the money left in the TeamPool is paid out to teammates as a bonus at the end of the year. Motivation and savings guaranteed! 💯

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