VouchForMe announces a partnership with an insurance company

VouchForMe announced the partnership with the insurance carrier Euroins Romania. The insurer will implement the VouchForMe concept in their motor casco product.

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VouchForMe partners with Swissdacs

VouchForMe announced a partnership agreement with Swissdacs Group for the introduction of the VouchForMe blockchain based platform in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria.

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Research confirms: UK millennials embrace the concept of vouching and social proof

VouchForMe is making progress towards the UK market this year following successful qualitative market research.

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Join Closed Beta Testing of VouchForMe Product

Apply now for a place in the exclusive group of VouchForMe beta testers.

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More than a name change

As from July forward, InsurePal project will change its name to Vouchforme.

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First version of the VouchForMe live

The VouchForMe team is happy to announce the release of the first version of the product.

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An #insuranceagent is a professional who works for an insurance company selling its insurance products.👨‍💻

❗ When working with an agent, an important consideration is that often they will only represent one #insurance company. Therefore, they'll only offer one company's product.

#COVID__19 has been changing and affecting our lives since the beginning.

@Deloitte conducted an interesting study outlining a number of key #impacts and actions being taken across the globe in response to the coronavirus. Take a look!👇


2020 is halfway through, so let’s look back at some of the predictions we made about the insurance industry back in January. Did we get it right? 🤔

Click on our new blog post and see👇

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🚗#Casco #insurance covers expenses that arise due to an involuntary crash or collision in any motor #vehicle. It also covers theft, fire, earthquakes, flooding, and acts of terror. It covers not only the vehicle but also the financial damages to the insured or third parties.

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