VFM UK User Case

VouchForMe featured in the UK’s Sunday Times

A 19-year-old Edward Crane explains to Sunday Times why he chose VouchForMe to lower his car insurance premium over other options.

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Blockchain In Insurance Use Case #2: VouchForMe

VouchForMe is featured in a the Disruptor Daily’s Blockchain in Insurance series. Damir Kervina, Chief Product Officer and COO speaks about how our company is using blockchain to transform the insurance business.

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Podcast: Interview with Vinay Gupta from Mattereum

Venture Stories by Village Global hosts the interview with Vinay Gupta on crypto, world government, existential risks, science fiction, energy, and much more featuring VouchForMe.

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The 100+ Projects Pioneering Decentralized Finance

VouchForMe is featured on the list of 100 projects that are pioneering the area of decentralized finance.

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Blockchain Disruption in the Insurance Sector

The article from Ignite Digital explores the unique potential for blockchain disruption in Insurance.

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19 Startups Using Blockchain To Transform Insurance [Market Map]

VouchForMe is one of the 19 startups and agile incumbents which are about to disrupt the insurance industry by implementing more custom, on-demand, and peer-to-peer insurance solutions.

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Did you know that leveraging your contacts can lead to lower insurance premiums? 🤩

Peer-to-peer is one technology that’s going to disrupt the insurance industry.⚙️

Click the link down below to find out how.👇👇

The @BBCBusiness reported on young people being threatened with having their car insurance canceled due to faults with an app that aims to make policies more affordable.🆘

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#FraudClaims20 features an #insurtech evening on 10 March, before the main event on 11 March.

You can hear pitches from @Vouchforme_co, #found, @LovysInsurance and more over a glass (or two!) of bubbly.

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What do you know about insurance? What’s a deductible? And how is it different to premium?🤔

If you’re not sure don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. 😉

one insurance term explained in the simplest way possible.

Stay tuned!🤩

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