The importance of teamwork in fleets


Teamwork is an important component of any successful organisation. 

A common definition for teamwork used in psychology states “Real teamwork implies collaboration, communication, and acknowledgement of a common purpose”.

In terms of the obvious, tangible benefits of teamwork, some jobs physically require more than one person. Others stand to benefit greatly from collaboration. When a variety of skills, experience and attitude combine, the output is often more exciting and conducive than that of an individual working alone.

The benefits of teamwork for fleet drivers 

While drivers often operate alone, they still stand to benefit from teamwork. Since they spend so much time travelling solo, it is crucial that an effort is made to create a team environment around drivers. Doing so ensures drivers feel like they belong in their company.  


Trust is a vital part of teamwork. This is particularly relevant in the fleet industry, as fleet managers trust their chauffeurs to:

  • Transport high value goods in a timely manner
  • Drive safely, protect themselves and preserve vehicle health
  • Follow fuel and time efficient routes

Similarly, fleet drivers trust their managers to provide job security, pay on time and make sure they’re covered with adequate insurance.

If both parties fulfill their respective responsibilities, manager-driver trust is likely to last long-term.


When managers are transparent with their employees, everyone on the team works towards a shared goal.

This is no different when running a fleet. Managers must share their goals with drivers in order to hit them. If a fleet manager wishes to incorporate green driving, for example, they must inform their drivers of this goal and educate them in ways they can achieve this, like:

  • Reducing speed
  • Avoiding harsh acceleration and braking
  • Removing unnecessary weight from their fleet vehicles

When managers open up to drivers about their targets, it displays trust and engenders collaboration. Drivers will appreciate the transparency and actively work with managers and team members to hit company targets.


Creating a teamwork-driven environment is a fantastic way to boost morale among your employees.

When members of a team work together, individuals experience a sense of achievement when a common goal is eventually reached. This further instills a sense of belonging among employers, as they have successfully contributed to a task, and can share the victory with their team members and managers.

In the case of fleets, chauffeurs feel more involved, experience heightened job satisfaction and willingly drive more responsibly as a result.

VouchForMe’s team-focused solution

At VouchForMe, we strongly believe that teamwork is the driving factor behind company success. After all, our slogan is “We believe in teams”. 

We recognise that drivers have the potential to feel lonely and isolated while on the job. However, that doesn’t excuse managers from making their drivers feel at home.

When drivers are connected to the company and its operations, they experience a sense of belonging and take pride in their work. 

Job satisfaction will fuel happiness and productivity on behalf of your drivers, and ultimately contribute to your fleet’s efficiency and output.

VouchForMe offers a team-app to team-up. Here, we focus on teams to improve employee engagement and incentivise optimal driving performance from your drivers.

With our app, you’ll make sure your employees are comfortable, reward them for their efforts and save thousands of Euros on operational costs every year. 

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