What must delivery companies focus on? (Not what you think.)


55% of customers are willing to switch retailers for faster delivery. The growing demand for “right here, right now” service is driving an ever-expanding market of delivery companies and is placing speed at the centre of industry success. 

The COVID-19 pandemic only heightened the intensity of the delivery market. Furthermore, with the vast majority of the population stuck at home, the demand for hasty food, clothing and equipment delivery increased. 

Subsequently, delivery companies are popping up all over the world to capitalise on the demand. While this is great news for the consumer, it ramps up the competition between delivery companies. Fleet managers must find a way to differentiate from competitors. Providing a truly satisfying customer experience.

The race for speedy service

62% of shoppers define fast shipping as a hallmark of a positive delivery experience. Evidently, the focus has almost completely shifted to rapid delivery times. This is definitely important for customer satisfaction, however, it is not the be-all and end-all. Your turbo delivery service is no use if the other aspects of your business are lacking.

Availability of delivery companies

Customers expect 24-7, on-demand support from modern delivery companies. According to Microsoft, 54% of consumers have higher customer service expectations than they did the previous year. 

Time is at a premium to buyers, and delivery companies must be able to meet these demands through both their offering and customer support. This means providing robust, on-demand customer support where clients can access human representatives. Solving their queries efficiently.

Accuracy of delivery companies

You must provide accurate information to consumers if you want to establish brand loyalty. If a customer receives the incorrect product or expected faster delivery as a result of poor web descriptions, it may drive them to your competitors.

In order to ensure an accurate information, keep things simple for both you and your customers. Provide clear-cut delivery times. As well as update your product descriptions regularly and keep your staff up to date with company operations. This way, they’ll be adequately equipped to handle support requests.

Courtesy of delivery companies

85% of customer service interactions are automated. Quick access to reliable and accurate retailer information is vital, and delivery companies are no different.

It is imperative that your website’s UX (user experience) is user-friendly, simple and relevant. If your customers can locate answers in a timely and stress-free manner, you have provided an enjoyable and effective service. 

And, if customers need to speak to a human representative about their issue, ensure that your support team are trained in customer-facing problem solving and conversation skills.

Consistency of delivery companies

Customer satisfaction levels are greatly impacted by consistency. Consumers expect fair and consistent treatment, which can cause problems down the line.

Say, for example, you’re running a free delivery promotion and a new customer avails of this on your website. If some months later, this customer returns, they may be upset to find out that you’re charging them for delivery. They may take their business elsewhere.

This means that communication is central to consistency. Make sure to label promotions with accurate and simple expiry dates and terms and conditions. Customers won’t be as likely to feel cheated when discounts disappear or promotions expire.

Additionally, ensure that staff are aligned in their support efforts. Some representatives are more likely to bend over backwards for customers to address their queries. You may receive complaints when regular staff members don’t exhibit such elasticity. It’s imperative that your delivery company sets rigid and fair support standards.

Responsiveness of delivery companies

Communication is, once again, key here. Customers don’t want their support tickets to be lost to the ether, and they don’t want to be left waiting for weeks.

To sum up, the best way to ensure that customers aren’t left in the dark is to set clear, concise response timelines. 

For example, if you provide a contact form on your website, explicitly state how long it will take to receive a response, and request as many details necessary to respond to inquiries. It may take some testing, but you’ll establish an efficient and reliable support response timeframe for your customers.


Your employee’s matter

Evidently, happy customers are key to retention and success. However, consumer satisfaction isn’t possible without a team of bright, caring and friendly individuals to deliver your products and services.

You may be wondering: how can we ensure that our employees are happy and well supported?

Introducing Drivestar, the number one solution for delivery companies. 

Drivestar places employee satisfaction at the heart of delivery companies’ success. The number one app with driver performance score rewards drivers for:

  • Practising safe driving 
  • Reducing harsh acceleration and braking
  • Identifying safe and efficient routes
  • Taking steps to reduce fuel consumption

Drivestar believes that recognizing employees for their hard work and communicating with them regularly is the key to a content workforce. 

If your staff are happy in the workplace, they’ll feel like an extension of the company. Plus, endeavour to provide exceptional service for your customers. 

From your support teams to your drivers, all customer-facing staff will be encouraged as well as inspired to nurture clients and improve retention across the board.

Visit our website to find out how delivery companies can meet the needs of employees and customers today.