Free webinar recap: What we learned in 2020


It has been a year the world will not forget. The uncertainty and eventfulness of 2020 still linger over the beginning of the new year, keeping everybody speculating on what’s to come. But to predict the future we have to take a step back and return to what we learned. Fortunately, at VouchForMe we gathered a Free webinar recap of all the last year’s webinars you might have missed! We explained what’s to come for fleet managers, how the P2P economy is shaping our Insurance sector, and more!

What’s left for insurance companies in the age of the emerging P2P economy?

The insurance industry is conservative in the sense that almost no change has ever happened to the industry. It’s regulated by many authorities and bodies, from the inside to the outside. But there are a lot now new ideas and technologies emerging, changing the industry for the better.

One of the novelties we believe will rock the insurance boat for sure is the Peer-2-peer economy. We can see P2P all around us – with Uber, Airbnb, etc. One P2P model on the rise is called Social proof – the collection of guarantees an individual receives from his social circle based on trust.

In the free webinar, we deepened our knowledge of Social proof and different approaches we can take to shape our insurance further.

Solidarity in insurance in form of Peer-2-Peer Insurance

In April we took our free webinar to the next level and dived deeper into P2P Insurance.

The core idea of P2P is that a set of like-minded people with mutual interests group their insurance policies. It introduces a sense of control, trust, and transparency while at the same time reducing costs.

P2P started in insurance with the intention to save money and to increase transparency. But what does it bring to the table? It comes with lower costs compared to traditional insurance models, it’s digital and fast, pay-outs are made relatively quickly and most importantly It’s efficient.

Want to see P2P in action?

Income Protection – group safety net when accidents strike

We jumped to introducing a novelty on the market with our webinar in May – our Income protection insurance. While there is a strikingly high percentage of employees unable to work for more than 6 months, only 0,16% have income protection insurance. Some rely on the state to cover the costs, others hope for the better – the problem occurs when you need the safety net. We explored the options Income protection brings for the self-employed, especially the ones employed in the health care sector. 

How to protect your salary with Income Protection 

How can fleet managers save money and stimulate safer driving

We round up the year with the last free webinar about innovating the workflow of fleet managers. Since people cause  95,5 % of all accidents the solution to fleet protection is people. It’s the fleet manager’s job to influence their behavior in such a way that they drive responsibly. 

How you may ask? Read it in our in-depth recap

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While our 2020 was filled with a wide panel of topics such as the origins of the Income protection model, how insurance innovations impact the industry, and different ways of insuring your income protection, we still have more to go in 2021!

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